Commit 5972f1dd authored by Mathias Stelzer's avatar Mathias Stelzer

ci: debug

parent 19fb987c
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......@@ -37,9 +37,8 @@ variables: &variables
- pip install tox
- tox --skip-missing-interpreters
- bash -c "python -c \"import sys; print(''.join(map(str, sys.version_info[:2])))\""
- ls -lah
- 'mv .coverage "$(python -c \"$PY_VERSION_CODE\")"'
- export PY_VERSION="$(python -c \"import sys; print(''.join(map(str, sys.version_info[:2])))\")"
- echo $PY_VERSION
- ls -lah
- mv .coverage "$(python -c 'import sys; print("".join(map(str, sys.version_info[:2])))')"
- ls -lah
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